Services Available to Poor People?? - Meeseva Services Available to Poor People?? Services Available to Poor People?? the official website of meeseva was getting negative ranking in google because of from Andhra Pradesh website visitors. At long days back the official website of meeseva has started by ap state government. The web designing almost finished. But there has fallen a small mistake which was the web designer has forget to put the application form link in that website.

Do you think it was an better service providing option to AP people???  Yes exactly because in several MRO RDO offices the revenue files is not moving a single step. Its require money to move from one table to another table. This was happening by the only cause of corruption.

With out paying a single rupee to any one in government offices the normal people are not getting their works from government officers. To reduce this culture and to provide a fast and easy service to poor and middle class people Ap state has stated meeseva portal. The mee seva is an future corruption less government online service to every poor middle class peoples.

We are happy to provide and happy to share this information with you. Hope for a better society. Be proud to be an INDIAN.


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