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Mee Seva is an e Governance initiative to provide certificates and documents issued by various government departments to the citizens across the Andhra pradesh state. That meeseva has increased their services again. According to Andhra pradesh state government media releases on yesterday evening AP state honorable chief minister Mister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy has revealed the new 16 online services to meeseva centers.

We all well known that in meeseva counters already  having 36 online services now it has been increased to 50. This is very happy news to the people and citizens who were waiting to get fast service from various ap online meeseva eseva centers and online portals.

According to Ap in few days the number of services has going to rapidly increase. In future all government aspects like pinchen receiving ration DDO request payments e bills challans like that everything shockingly checking of B.P SUGAR tests is also going to merge in meeseva services.

So We expect providing meeseva services is going to shake all over india in up coming days. Almost all files has preparing to expand this services in all other states also. Hope this eservices will get a huge responce from all type of people.

On this occasion we feel happy to share meeseva has crossed 1 crore transactions on yesterday. In upcoming days we are going to cross and chase several records. Thanks for being with us . If you like us dont forget to like us on facebook.


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