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How To Book Aadhar Card Online - Book Your Slot Now

Step Wise Procedure Of How to Book Your Aadhar Card Slot:
  • There are only one way to book your slot in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Search Nearest Meeseva Office at your Resident Location.
  • Reach the office with required documents.
  • Please do not forget to take the resident proof with you
  • Ask them for application form.
  • And fill the mandatory fields with correct address
  • If Door number available Please enter that. It will increase the chances of Accurate Delivery of Postal Letters.
  • If you dont have door number mention the exact street name and Land mark Nearest Your Home.
  • After completion of form fill up submit the form in meeseva office. 
  • Wait a moment the computer operator will make a request to book your slot in ap online. 
  • After completion you will get a copy of Receipt mentioned with Slot number. 
  • Please note that You will be charged a little bit amount for all of this application process. 
  • Pay the fee and get your copy. 
  • Now you have successfully Booked Your Aadhar enrollment Slot.

This is about how to enroll or how to book our slot of uniq identification proof aadhar. Thanks for reading this article. And thanks for visiting us. Stay with us for more details. If you like our information dont forget to join with us.
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Aadhaar Enrollment Book Your Slot Online - Meeseva

Meeseva Aadhaar Enrollment - Book Your Slot In Online:
Hello ..Hai to every one . The one and only meeseva help line forum is now back with a hot news. On today we came with a hot news which is how to enroll aadhar card and how to book your aadhar slot in nearest meeseva center. Let me explain the full details. Before knowing the step wise procedure of how to book your aadhar slot we have to know a few things. Which is What is aadhar and what is the use of this and how will we link aadhar card to our bank account. I guess that We all well know about what is aadhar card and how it is working by reading in our previous article.

Now i am giving the detailed information about how can we enroll or book aadhar slot from meeseva. Full detailed classification about this...There are more than 100 crores population in India. Day by day On every day, week, month, year the number of people greatly increasing. Recently on few months back at andhra pradesh state the enrollment process has completed at that moment some of people details enrolled data has missed due to server data base missing.

For that data loosed candidates and some persons has got aadhar in online and issued card to them due to delay of postal they may not received their postal or courier. To both kind of them India Govt and ap government again given a chance to enroll their details in online. For that we need to book our slot. Here on below we have given step wise procedure to book our slot.
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Update Aadhaar Card Details

Hello friends Update aadhar card details online application is available in website which is officially known as Unique Identity Aadhar Card official website. There are so many people looking for to update their aadhar card details. To all of them there is no guidelines in local language. More details of this aadhar is an village level identification to all india wise every state people. aadhar is an very important card, Now there is a great importance for Unique id at every state. To correct the address and date of birth there is a simple procedure. Just follow the below procedure.

Update aadhar card details in online is made easy with online. Basically there are two ways to edit the already enrolled details. In that first One is manually with application and another one is using phone number at online. If your option is one then go and get a application form in nearest aadhar enrollment center. If your option is two then go to nearest internet cafe and visit the official website fill the application form and download the print out copy.

Step Wise Procedure:

  • Go to nearest Meeseva/ Aponline/ Internet Cfe
  • Then Visit website
  • Select the right side option of Update aadhar details
  • Enroll your Mobile Number
  • Fill the Verify number which sent you to your mobile phone number
  • Give your aadhar number and select the options which you want to change.
  • In Options Select Address , Date of Birth, Age, Mobile Number and more
  • Enter required fields with genuine information. 
  • Upload a proof of copy to verification.
  • Last but not least submit the application And download the acknowledgement print out copy for future requirements.
  • Now you have successfully completed Updating your aadhar card details.

This is about the unique identification card update detailed procedure. If you like this information just share this with all of your friends. Thanks for visiting. Stay tune us for more Tips.
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Andhra Pradesh AP Ration Card Transfer Procedure

Andhra Pradesh AP Ration Card Transfer Procedure is now available in Here. We already discussed this details in our previous article which is AP Civil Supplies Ration Card Status AP Ration Card Details Online. Hello friends are you looking for to change your address in ration card. Then this details is given for you. We noticed that recently there are several ration card cancellations made in ap by the mistake of server skips.

Is your ration card cancelled ?? Dont worry it may be caused by the civil-supplies website data base loss. Try to Give an complaint to your MRO. Are you applied in Meeseva for ration card mutation may be your application get disapproved after a long time. If it happens kindly re submit the application to get approved.

As my personally i have a ration card with my mothers name. Recently i am applied in meeseva for to transfer the ration card from one mandal to another mandal. I got a payment slip contained 30 working days validity Even though i have waited the mentioned days it has cancelled. When i approached to meeseva there is no suitable answer from the computer operator. Finally by this i lost my ration card fr that  me approached meeseva computer administrator to know the status. He said that that is caused by the data base missing.

Hum... What to do now ?? i got No answer from all officers. but i found the solution. The final solution is to apply for new ration card. Loosing old ration card. Ha ha ha ha dont worry. if you alerted early you can get the old card by requesting to DSO office. Thanks for being with us. Hope you liked this a lot Just share this with all of your friends.
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Download Your Aadhar Card In Meeseva -

Meeseva is an online it providing various types of online services to andhra pradesh state people. Now at mee seva Portal is also allowing to download Aadhar Cards. Yes this is really true now we all can get download another copy of aadhar card in mee seva . Not only getting existing aadhar card but also have an option for to apply new aadhar card. Are you applied for unique identification card on past days still now not received in post or courier may be your details will missed in server just go and apply for a new one. Is Your  aadhar card missed or loss worrying about your proof no worry just visit nearest meeseva online portal to get an another copy of UID.

This is very happy news to all kind of people. Why because now a days unique identificard is playing an important role. We discussed about the importance and how to link aadhar to bank account details in our previous article.We have already wrote about how to get Download E-Aadhar card in online. If you want the detailed information read from the link.

Generally there are two types of visitors were searching for this information which is Aadhar card missed candidates and another type is still now not registered persons. For both type of candidates we have solutions. Read below both solutions to solve your problems. We request every candidate to take care at most care before following our guidelines.

Still Now Not Received Your Aadhar Card Its For You Read This:
Are you already enrolled for your aadhar card. Are you already given your thumb prints and eye series to enrolling teams?? Still now not received your card in post or courier?? Then this is for you only. We are sad to say due to some technical problems which is not maintaining data base properly some of aadhar enrolled candidates details has been moved from data base. Clearly May be your enrolled details causes missing from data base for that you need to re enroll. So kindly book your slot number now in online to get a name in next enrolling list. For this ap government and indian government has invited applications from adhar enrolled data loss candidates. So be hurry visit nearest to Book your slot now.

Lost Your Aadhar Card Need A new Copy Of Card Its For You Read This
Hello visitors had u loss your unique identification number or card . Worrying about your number and card dont worry we will help you to get a new copy of yours. You may need to follow simple steps only. No need to take critical exercises and no need to round of government offices just visit nearest ap online or meeseva center and follow the below given procedure.

  1. Are you have Number of your missing card ?? Then no need to follow 2nd step.
  2. If you dont have number before that go to Uid Portal Official website and search for your number with your enrolled details. Like giving address , selecting village, mobile number, email id, Name and much more
  3. After Getting number of the card just go nearest aponline, mee seva online centre
  4. Ask them for new copy of aadhar by filling an application form
  5. You will be charged a small cost we think it will be 35/- Pay that fee
  6. wait for your some time to generate a new card.
  7. Operator will give you a new copy of color print from 24 to 73 hours after applying the date.
  8. Now you will get a new copy. You have successfully completed applying and after some time you will get a color copy of new aadhar card in white paper. 
  9. Take a print out copy and give it for lamination 
  10. Thanks for using our valuable services if you like us dont forget to give +1 us to promote in social media 
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How To Link Bank Account To Aadhar Card Online

How To Link Bank Account To Aadhar Card Online is a big question to several people at Every state. Especially in Andhra Pradesh state this is very hot topic in every district. Like Hyderabad visakhapatnam and Vijayawada tirupati the fever of this is very high. First of all when we are going to know to how to link bank account to aadhar card we have to know a simple details. Before knowing everything we need to know what is aadhar card.


Aadhar Card is an Unique online identification card to Indian citizens, it gives full access to every transaction. In ration , banking, it returns and much more at every aspect aadhar is an important thing. Aadhar card is planned to provide secure to indians like a USA Green Card.

It will become a unique identification in few days. Generally the thought to aadhar is to discover the actual status of our india. The main reason to invent aadhar is to minimize the frauds and anti corruption in every field.

 For a best example in india there are more than 30% of rich people and 20% of Above Middle class 10% middle class people and 40% below low class are living. In them 30% of rich people were not paying taxes properly even though they have money they planning to skip paying in come tax. To minimize this type of mistakes Indian govt planned and designed aadhar card.

How It works:
According to new rules which is taken by government Every candidate must have an aadhar card. And person must link their aadhar card details to every where. Which means if his/her bank account need to work he must have to submit his aadhar details. On ration card also the same thing. In up coming days at aapka paisa aapka hath me program also needs aadhar numbers. So there is no hidings every person every activity will be done under aadhar card. By this income tax department will know who have how much money and who were escaping from tax and much more details. By this we will take action on them. This is the main plan.All the best to Indian Government and thanks for giving like tis valuable services.

How to link Aadhar Card To bank account:
Finally Last But not least we will give you the step wise procedure to link your aadhar card in bank. Follow the below given step wise procedure to submit your card in Your Bank. Here we have given the easy going understanding language to understand all types of people. If persists mistakes kindly ignore.

  • If you have Received Your aadhar card In post No need to follow step two.
  • If you enrolled for aadhar on past days and still now not yet received then Read This
  • Take Two zerox copies of your aadhar card
  • And also take 2 copies of bank account
  • Attach that both copies
  • Now go to your bank and then submit that papers with your original account pass book
  • wait for some time the bank staff will enroll your details on your profile.
  • After some time Finally You will be enrolled 
  • Now linking your bank account has been completed. From now on wards your every bank transaction will make under the aadhar card number.
  • Please note that if you have good earnings more than government rules kindly submit income returns regularly to avoid taking notices from Income tax department. 
Thanks for being with us. If you like this information dont forget to share this with all of your friends. Stay visiting us we will come back in soon with more use full information. 
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Download E Aadhaar Card Online Know How To Get It

You have already applied for new aadhar card in past days and have you not received your Uid ?? Do you know How to download e aadhaar card online ??? Dont know the actual procedure to download your existing aadhar card?? Dont worry we will be with you to help on this matter. We have already wrote the step wise detailed information on our portal. Now again we have giving the info for your convenience.

Before knowing to step wise procedure we have to know what is Uid. The full meaning of Uid is unique identification. Aadhar Card is an International Unique Identification (U ID) to every Indian. In up coming days Aadhar is an  important Identification Card for every needs. Which means for every aspects aadhar card is must.

Recently Ap government has taken decision to linking Uid Aadhar card numbers to every individual bank accounts and Ration card's. Now its time for linking Uid to LPG Gas connections. Government has extended the last date to this month 25th for adding their individual aadhar cards to bank accounts and LPg Gas connections.

Open official meeseva Portal
Download Application Form for Aadhar Card services
Now Go To nearest meeseva
Fill the application forms with mandatory  fields
Attach the already applied aadhar card print out zerox proof.
Wait a few days of time to get the card.
Its simple and easy.

Some of people have applied already for their u id cards at AP. But still now not received and some of people may lost their cards for all of them this is very happy news. Just follow the below simple steps to get a existing card. We have already wrote HOW TO REGISTER AADHAR CARD ONLINE
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AP Ration Card Download & Corrections In Meeseva Centers

Civil supplies AP Ration Card Download & Corrections now available In all Meeseva Centers. Had you lost your Andhra Pradesh state government issued Civil supplies ration card ??? Dont know how to get another card ??? Do you have any mistakes at your ration card ??? Looking for to change the mistakes ?? Dont worry there is one solution for both of your problems. Just see the following details here.

This is very happy news to the andhra pradesh state people. More details of this on past days ap government has doing this procedure through MRO offices. After entering the AP Online Services, In all E-seva counters have done this with a few charge at a little bit of time. After entering Meeseva into ap online portal this service has stopped working due to development of algorithm.

Now again AP government has Re started downloading of civil supplies ration card and also started corrections procedure with an upgraded software. So everyone who were looking for to transpose their cards and looking for corrections its time for to apply at nearest mee seva centers.

We have already wrote the detailed information about How to Apply For Ration Card Corrections and How to Download An Existing Ration Card Printout Copy
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