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Ration Card Status In Andhra Pradesh - AP Online

Checking Online Ration Card status in andhra pradesh AP is very simple process now with Meeseva Centers. We all well known that ration card is an important identification proof to every candidate in all over India. To eligible any scheme and to qualify for any benefits provided by state governments Ration card is compulsory requirement. On every state there is some rules and regulations in checking details and status. In our state which means in ap there are different types on checking status. In our blog we have already given the full fledged information about to check ration card status in andhra pradesh Ap on so many days back. Now again we are coming with the same details with fresh content. Basically there are 4 types in checking status of ration cards in AP. They are
  1. Newly Applied Cards Status Checking
  2. Ration card Correction Status Checking 
  3. Data Base Missing / Remover Cards Status Checking
  4. Transfer / Mutation Card Status Checking 
Newly Applied Cards Status Checking:
On everyday Thousands of candidates are applying for ration cards in several programs. Recently in Rachabanta programme 4 lakh people have applied for their new ration cards. For all of them on few days back provided temporary Ration cards with name of ""RAP and TAP"". That kind of candidates generally will to check their new Ration Card Application Status. But this status will not available to public.

Ration Card Correction Status Checking:
Some people who previously got ration cards and looking to change their name, address, age etc at ration cards are require to check their application Approved/ rejected status. That kind of people have chance to check their status through meeseva or you can also check the same status by visiting ap civil supplies department official website which is popularly known as http://www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in

Data Base Missing / Removed Cards Status Checking:
Missing cards  and Removed cards status will not available once it is removed from the data base. There is only chances to the DSO office. For that we need to put a application to the MRO for enquiring about their ration card. So this status checking is not available for public.

Transfer & Mutation Approved (or) Rejected Status Checking
Ration cards Transfer Online and Ration cards Mutation Online status checking is available in 3 ways one of the best way is Straight way which is checking status with application number and transaction number in meeseva (If you have applied for transfer or mutation in meeseva center). And 2nd one Checking it through ap civil supplies website like above mentioned. And finally last but not least final choice is Following the below link.
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