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Ration Card Apply Online In AP / TG

How To Apply For New Ration Card At Online In Andhra Pradesh - AP :
Hello dear visitors today we came in front of you with a most use full topic which is how to get new ration card and where has to apply for it and how to get the detailed information. Here on below lines we given the detailed explanation about the points. We all well known that ,  now a days there is no option with out living ration card. For every thing ration card submission is must. Recently government has planned to give this preference to aadhar card even though the procedure has completed but it may not succeeded finally again ration card is playing a major role in all aspects.

What IS The Process Of Applying Ration Card
Generally on past days andhra pradesh government has released notifications on yearly twice or 3 times . AT that time who may need a new ration card are require to apply for it with a n application form. After that on fone morning government will schedule for photo taking. At that time the applied candidates should require to  take their photos and eye series and finger prints. This is the 50 percent work after that remaining 50 % is the revenue department work they has to verify the details and approve the ration cards. And finally printing the cards and submitting them. This is cycle process before 2009 but After 2009 elections the whole process has been changed.

How To Apply For Ration Card:
Now a days world wide technology has increased greatly to utilize this technology andhra pradesh government has introduced the e governance for the fast and quality work. By this we do not need to submit the application forms. The entire details will be in online. So we just need to put an argey in Rachhabanda Program or In Grievance cell for new ration card. The govt officials will make an enquiry about your details if they found everything correctly then you will be issued the ration slips on temporary card. After some days it will be permanently.

Alternate Solution For Applying Ration Card In Present days Situation:
We are getting thousands of requests for new ration card approvals, Basically on today situation all govt policies may not working properly. Almost government is failed in ruling the people and providing the best service to the nation. But we have no choice with out living ration card..To  avoid this we have suggested several people about this even though we are answering for lot of people daily we receiving same question from our visitors. So finally we decided to write an article about it. That is the inspiration for this writing of this post.

Dear people present days ap govt is not issuing any new ration cards to any people so dont worry about that. We recently observed that who may applied in rachhabanda program for new cards are got RAP cards. So we strongly recommend that to apply in online and take a print out copy and be ready to submit in up coming rachhabanda program. We know you are still in confusion about when is rachhabanda.... Am i right ?? For this also we have answer. This is election moment so every leader may compulsory require to come your are then ask them to issue ration cards and submit this application to them.
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