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How To Apply Birth Certificate Online In AP Meeseva

We all well known that what is the importance of date of birth certificate in these days at andhra pradesh state in ap. For that we all must need to know the details of how to apply birth certificate online in andhra pradesh ap through meeseva centers. In our past article we intimated the details of how many types of birth certificates available in mee seva and what type of certificate we have to apply. Now its time for much more details. Now here we came infront of you with some more extra details they are

What is birth Certificate :
Birth certificate is a certified copy issued by government of india ( State Municipal Department ).

What is the use of this date of birth certificate:
To identify a indian citizen birth time and where he was born , his birth place , permanent residence address much more will be available in this certificate.

Who will issue Birth Certificates In Andhra pradesh Ap:
For every state there is a special board to issue these certificates. In our andhra pradesh it will be in the hands of Municipal corporation department. In past days every people are applied through applying in direct municipal office but now we have to apply in Meeseva in Ap.

Where we get birth certificate application form in andhra pradesh:
Usually we can get birth certificate application forms in any internet cafes but after coming of mee seva services we have to apply it with meeseva format only so by visiting meeseva website we can download online application form other wise you can also get the form in mee seva offices.

How Much Will Be charged For This Online Service:
There will be a little bit service charges by applying it in mee seva. In the total price paid by you is only for challan .

In How Many Days You will get Date of birth certificate:
If you applied in mee seva center it will be approved a maximum of 90 working days validity , It will be depends on crowd of certificates . In case there is no crowd you will be issued as soon as possible.

What Is The Use of This Online Service:
Generally if we applied in municipal corporation office the department people will do late , we need to round maximum of times to get approved some times they also demand for extra money , But with meeseva there is no extra money except challan and the service is too easy and no need to round around muncipal office. Directly we can download the issued certificate in meeseva. see how easy is this and how fast is this. So i request every candidate to visit nearest meeseva to apply your certificate now. Thanks for visiting us if you need more details write us on below.
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