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How To Apply Ration Card In Andhra Pradesh

In andhra pradesh state there are having more than 10 crore people, in that 60% of people are having white ration cards and those people are living in village areas. Remaining 40 % more than 30 percent are living in cities and the last 10 percent are from metro cities. But to be frank in andhra pradesh there is more than 8 crore cards are issued till now. After 2004 in ap new ration cards issuing process increased greatly at that time lakh of people got 2 or more cards with fake names and identification proofs. As per 2013 records in ap there is having thousands of false cards.

By that recently few days back andhra pradesh ap civil supplies (apcivilsupplies) department stopped issuing new cards why because the department of civil supplies found that there is having extra cards in some villages more than people records. That cause they stopped issuing new cards to entire state and started finding fake cards after that banning those card details. To effect of this from last 3 months  a huge number of cards are dropped from data base.

Till there is more than 40 lakh new applications is pending in ap civil supplies department office. So who got such amount of cards ??? I think theirs happen a big fraud in issuing of ration cards. Finally its time to close all fake cards. We are very happy to hear this news from govt of ap. By this who really wants ration card may get ration cards . Most of people are not using ration for subsidy they just using it for identification proof. Ration is number one identification , for every government works we need ration compulsory

How To Get New ration Cards Apply New Ration Card:
By thousands of people requests now we are giving the procedure to get new ration cards in andhra pradesh. Here on below we given a step wise procedure.

*Before applying new ration card we need 2 family group photos
* In any Civil supplies office you will get new ration card application for free
* by filling it with details make it attestation with any govt officer or parliament member
*school head masters or any people who have eligibility to sign with green ink
*now paste two photo graphs to application form
*Just submit it in nearest civil supplies office or submit it to the FSO food supply officer office
* if government started issuing new cards then you will be eligible to issue new card.
*wait until new ration card issued
*Now you have finished applying new ration card.
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