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Check Ration Card Status Online

Hi to every one in our previous articles we learned about how to apply for new ration card and how to change our name and residence address in our old already issued ration card. Now its time to know about how to check your ration card status online in andhra pradesh. Well now we came in front of you with the same details which includes the detailed information about checking your ration card status in online through mee seva centers.

Before knowing this we have to learn some simple points which will be useful in future days. They are If we are not able to hand over ration products provided to your family then give access to any of poor people who may not have ration card. Dont stop making transactions with your ration card by stopping taking ration will effects of your card loosing or data base information  missing. So be care take your own risk.

Now to come up for the main topic , several candidates in andhra pradesh are consisting their family ration cards. Recently govt of ap found that there are a large number of ration cards greater than families in every district . By this govt find that there is a huge number of bhogas Fake cards running with multiple names and wrong addresses so that cause ap civil supplies department is started saying bye bye to fake cards. To that the department of apcivilsupplies started a trick which is they gave a period time to dealers to submit fake cards other wise if civilsupplies department found fake cards in any city that dealership will be cancelled immediately.

By this warning all state wise dealers has hand over ed all fake cards details to government of ap . In this procedure the dealers have submitted some of cards which have no longer transactions by the owners. For this that people have loosed their cards. And one more thing is recently due to server loading maintenance problem civil supplies department is changed their data base to another data base. By this some data has been missed. By this both issues several cards are lost in ap. In that genuine owners have applied for re verification. So who are applied for re verification process re worrying about to check their ration status .

How To Check Ration Status:
Here we are giving the details of  how to check ration status by visiting google ration card blog you will able to check ration status or by visiting website you can get these status. SO fllow the below link to check your status right now. Thanks for being with us.
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