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Ceoandhra  -  Ceo Andhra Says Register To Vote For Voter Id Card (Electoral Roll Register ) :
www Ceoandhra nic in popularly known as andhra pradesh / AP Chief Electoral officer official website ceoandhra – Ceo Andhra says enroll or register your name in electoral roll register  to get voter id card in your residence area. This announcement has been released by the CEO, who was appointed by Indian Government Election Commission Officer.  According to this announcement  who have finished 18 years or above in andhra pradesh state are eligible to enroll for new voter card registrations . So dear candidates still now who not having their names in electoral roll are advised to register to vote in electoral register for getting of voter id card popularly known as Voter identification.

Andhra pradesh state there are more than 10 crores people living all 23 districts . In them above 20% not have vote in electoral rolls . And some of them having their names  but they are not known this information of how to check their names. So to get maximum percentage of election result ap ceo board offering us voter list 2013 – 2014 . It will available in all panchayat offices and MRO offices. You can also check electoral roll 2013 – 2014 in website at pdf format.

To come up for the main topic ,  ceoandhra website reffered to all  ap people to register for vote . To refffer ceo andhra choosed all educated people , by sending sms alert to educated people they targetted to creat a better nation. By the mean of the messgae  “” Dear Citizen if you are 18 years old then just enroll your voter now, if you have already have vote then just inform this news to your friends , family members , neighbours and more “” So who will get 18 years to 2014 january  are requested to enroll your voter id card now. This is an article written for the sake of Public Benfit. Thanks for being with us In next article we will be back with How To Enroll New Voter Id Card In Andhra pradesh . Please stay with us.
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