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How To Download Your Aadhar Card :
Aadhar card download is a simple task. Every one can download their aadhaar card easily by following a minimum number of simple steps  . In past days there is only an option that is people can only download their eaadhar / eaadhaar card with their enrolment number only but now we can download with our enrolment number and with our aadhaar number too. A Good News to people who lost their enrolment number .. now you guys can find your enrolment number and aadhar number by checking Find Option in .

Steps To Download Your Aadhar Card / Aadhaar Card / E Aadhaar / E Aadhar / Eaadhaar / Eaadhar :
  • Open website which is main portal to download eaadhaar card
  • If you are newly downloading your aadhar card just select Enrolment Number option in the top middle of the page. 
  • If you have already known your Aadhar number  then go with Aadhar option in the top of the page.
Aadhar Download With Enrolment Number :
  1. If you are selected with enrolment number in the first box enter your 14 digit enrolment number 
  2. In the second box enter your 14 digit date and time 
  3. In the 3rd box enter your pin code number mentioned in enrolment slip
  4. In the 4th box you will see security code 
  5. Enter the same code in 5th box with out mistake
  6. Enter your registered mobile number (Non Registered Mobile too allowed ) in 6th box
  7. Now select get one time password option to get a message to your given number .
  8. In the message you will receive a security code for authentication 
  9. Enter the OTP - One Time Password code in the 7th Box 
  10. Finally click on Validate And Download option . By this it will takes you to a new page. In the page you will see a Download Option To Download Your PDF file Aadhaar Card 

Aadhar Download With Aadhaar Option : 
  1. If you are selected with aadhaar number based option in the 1st box enter your aadhaar / Aadhar card number.
  2. In the 2nd Box Enter your Full name shown in aadhar card with out any mistake.
  3. In the 3rd box Pincode given in your aadhar card back side 
  4. In the 4th box you will see  a security image 
  5. Enter the same security code in 5th box with out mistake 
  6. Click on Get ONe Time Password option to receive an OTP to your registered mobile number 
  7. Enter your mobile received OTP password in 6th Box
  8. Finally click on validate and download option to take you to the downloading page 
  9. In the new page you will see a PDF file format downloading option just click on that option . 
  10. A PDF image will autoatically starts to download in your system downloads folder . Now You have successfully downloaded your E-Aadhaar / E-aadhar / Eaadhaar / Eaadhar Card .
What Is The password To OPEN PDF Aadhar Card File :  The password is your registered pincode . Just enter your area pincode to open your pdf format aadhar card file. 
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Check Aadhar Card Status - Uidai.Gov.In

How To Check Your Aadhar Card Status Online :  UIDAI - adhar Card Status Check Is An Easy Task Now Just follow the below 10 Steps to check your aadhar card / aadhaar card status .

Requirements To Check Aadhar Card Status :

  • Enrolment Slip
  • Mobile Phone
  • Internet Connection
10 Steps to Check Aadhar Status Online :

  1.  First open website 
  2.  In the website select check your aadhar card status option 
  3.  Select Click Here option in middle of the page
  4.  By clicking on the option it will take to you a fresh page which contains empty columns . 
  5.  Fill the blanks with your 14 digit enrolment number and 14 digit date & time
  6.  Finally enter the CAPTCHA Security code with out mistake
  7.  Last but not least click on submit 
  8. Now it will show you the status of your enrolled aadhar card.
  9.  Thats it you have successfully checked your Aadhaar Card status
  10. Read More At How To Get Aadhar Card Status In Just 15 Days 
If your status is shown as " Congrats Your aadhaar Has Been Approved .. Then Go for Download Your Aadhaar Card By This Link .
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